Fall in Love With YOU

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As a stay at home mom, I typically have the television on all day for some background noise. I need to hear adults speak or else I’d lose my mind. What am I most drawn to during the day? Romance movies! Why? I barely see my husband so I’ve got to live through someone. Whether it’s the latest Netflix romance or the jaw dropping Lifetime movie, we are all drawn to them! We may hate to admit it but romance movies are our guilty pleasures. Why? Who doesn’t want that type of push you into the wall, pull your hair a little bit but yet still make you breakfast in the morning type of love? Who doesn’t want to end up with their prince charming and know he will be there for you til the end of time? We are human beings and we were made for love. We exist to love, we exist to find love, we exist to make love, to create humans out of love, to raise those humans with love, love love love.

What are we forgetting through all this passion for love? We forget ourselves. We are most important. You are most important. You must look in the mirror and love yourself before you love anyone else or have anyone else love you. Without powerful self-love, you accept a relationship that is not worthy of your time or sabotage a perfect relationship. Once you have self-love, once you truly look in the mirror and say “damn, I’m looking hot” or “dang, there’s no one else in the world like me” or “I am beautiful” – all the pieces truly come together. The Universe/Your Guardian Angels/God places the man you have always dreamed of in your lap. Sometimes he was always there, it just took your own love to develop to appreciate him. Sometimes you meet someone completely new but he’s absolutely perfect and now with your newfound self-love, you will make this relationship last.

Self-love is a beautiful thing. You deserve it more than anything.

Do me a favor in the morning, gorgeous. Look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful, there is no one else in the world like me and that is my superpower.” Now go on with your day and if you are feeling low throughout the day, find a mirror and repeat those words again.

You are worthy. Don’t ever forget it.

Hey Mama, You’re Doing Great!

To my fellow mamas out there that are breastfeeding, you are wonderful. To my mamas that are formula feeding, you are amazing. To my mamas that did not reach their goals with breastfeeding, you are fantastic. To my mamas that did not follow their feeding plans they created while pregnant, you are terrific. No matter if you are formula feeding, nursing or doing both – you are a great mom! You are feeding your baby and that is all that matters.

To my mamas that waited the suggested time to give your baby solids, you are a super mom. To my mamas that followed their intuition and fed their babies solids when they wanted, you are a rad mom. To my mamas that offer purees, you are a wonder mom. To my mamas that are doing baby led weaning, you are a cool mom. To my mamas that did both, you are a badass mom. Again, your baby is being fed and does the method really matter?

To my mamas that co-slept with your baby, you rock. To my mamas that had baby sleeping in the crib, you rock too. To my mamas that had baby sleeping in the playpen next to your bed, you rock just as much. To my mamas that had baby sleeping in a rocker, you rock the same amount. To my mamas that had their baby sleeping in their arms, you rock as well. No matter how baby slept, baby slept and dreamt of you.

Whether you sleep trained, co slept, fed purees, fed solids, breastfed, formula fed, did the fancy Pinterest activities they suggest or straight up placed your baby in front of the TV – you are doing great! You are a super mom and you are doing the best you can and that’s all that matters. If you are having a bad day, just remember tomorrow is a new day. Even the next hour is a new hour, the next minute is a new minute. No matter what the circumstance, no matter the situation, no matter if all goes to plan or does not – you are that baby’s mama and that’s all he/she wants. They don’t want a perfect mom, they want you. You are perfect in their eyes. You are the only mama they know and they chose you to be their mom.

Mamas, thank you for being you and thank you for doing all that you do for your baby.