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A simple 4 letter word but the basis of all interactions and entirely not simple at all, rather complex and perplexing. Whether it be in the context of relationships with others or in one’s own relationship with self. Love is the answer, the necessity, the drug, the one thing we all strive to find in our lives to lead us to the ultimate happiness. When found and nurtured, love can be so beautiful. However, the majority feels the lack of love or the heartbreak caused in search of one’s other half (whether within another or within self).

Introducing a transformational coaching experience for spiritual women ready to manifest the love they have always deserved.

<3 Do you wake up daily without ever looking into the mirror? Do you gaze only to make sure your face is clean but otherwise go on your day without really looking at yourself and acknowledging your beauty?  Do you wish your body looked different or your face didn’t have as many wrinkles or acne? Do you find beauty in everyone else but can’t seem to see it in yourself?

<3 Are you looking for love? Struggling to find love? Starting to really wonder if love will ever come your way or if it’s just not meant to be for you?

<3 Are you in a stagnant relationship? Are you frustrated with your husband or boyfriend and starting to rethink your relationship with him?

<3 Are you a mom feeling defeated due to the lack of romance in your love life? Are you wanting to relight that spark with your man and rediscover yourself in the process?

<3 Are you ready to let go of the untrue limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a life of abundance, joy and happiness? Are you ready to find love not only with someone else but within yourself?

Gorgeous lady, picture this for a moment…

<3 How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow morning with the man of your dreams by your side? How would you feel if your soulmate cuddled you closer to keep you warm and never wanted to leave your side again?

<3 How would you feel knowing you are the most beautiful,  unique woman in the Universe? How would your life change if you walked into any room with absolute confidence in yourself as you know you have so much to offer this world?

Imagine, all of this possible and it is within you.

My uttermost passion is supporting women in finding the light inside them, assisting them in bringing that spark to life. Once the fire is lit, limiting beliefs are dissipated. Romantic fairytales are not just in the Nicholas Sparks books and Lifetime movies, they are absolutely possible and within each one of us. First we find self-love and then we find our soulmates.  I want you to find both. So let’s talk about how we can do that together, beautiful.

1:1 Private Premium Coaching with Paulina Kardasz

You’ll feel completely supported, inspired, limitless and driven in this private premium coaching program. As your Self-Love and Mindset Coach, I’m here to both release and reprogram your limiting beliefs. You will manifest the Goddess inside you for not only yourself to acknowledge but for your other half.

Who is Paulina Kardasz and why do I want her as my coach? I am Self-Love and Women’s Mindset Coach. I combine both my educational background and life experiences to deliver the most impactful coaching. I am uncensored and honest but most importantly, passionate about my clients. Once the contract is signed, I give you 100% of me. There is no sugar coating, we are going to rip away the limiting beliefs and bring happiness to you. I will empower you to find the love you have always dreamed of.

  “I am writing to you thank you!  When I spoke to you last I was in a very dark place.  You said words that gave me hope and a different outlook on life.  I was having trouble with loved ones and I didn’t know why.  I put into practice what you advised me and it is helping.  Slowly but surely I am getting back to the place I was.  I working on building myself up and like you have recommended to me before to start loving myself.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great advice and giving me small challenges to complete.  You have helped me in many ways and don’t think I could have done it without you.”  -Cindy M Rivera

I currently offer 2 coaching options:
>>1 1:1 45 minute session $100USD
(includes “homework” post session with action plan)
>> 4 1:1 60 minute sessions $350USD
(includes “homework” post each session with action plan, full access to me via email, complimentary follow up session to both keep you on track and celebrate the Goddess in you)


What does coaching involve?

New to coaching and have no clue what to expect? Are you like me and need to know all the details before you wrap yourself into something that makes you completely anxious? Here’s a rundown of what to expect if you hire me as a coach.

  • REQUEST A DISCOVER SESSION up above – complete the form and I’ll get in touch with you via email within the day to organize a time that suits us both to connect.
  • During the Discovery Session (done via chat or text), we will get to know one another. These typically last about 30-45 minutes as I’ll provide you with my undivided attention. We will discuss what is going on in your life and what type of love you are searching for. Most importantly, we will make sure we are aligned to work together.
  • If fireworks burst between us and we want to progress to the next level, I will email you both a contract and invoice and we will proceed to book your session(s).
  • From this point on, you are my client and I will give you my everything. I am here for you to support you in all that you want to manifest. We will work together to bring the rockstar out in you, to find your happily ever after.

Terms & Conditions

Love you gorgeous!

Sparkled With Love,